Trees are the most precious part of life for the planet earth and every life here owes his existence to the trees, either directly or indirectly. They are the gift of nature that we should preserve for the betterment of our future generations. So, this social enterprise has brought you a platform under the name “Breatheback Initiative” where, you can do shopping from your favourite online stores. In return, DealNo1 will give you additional cashback just for shopping from their source. 

Importance of Trees

We should understand the importance of trees and implement it, some or the other way, in our life, then only we can set an example for our kids to worry for their surrounding atmosphere. Check this out:

  • Trees are abundant source of oxygen which we need for survival.
  • They are always there for us to offer cool shed when we walk out under sun. Plus, the outdoor activities are always an easy go!
  • Trees provide a peaceful atmosphere to the kids that plays or the old age people that does regular walking in parks, playgrounds, or society.
  • It truly supports the natural wildlife & preserves the nature’s beauty in their style. You must have seen the birds chirping around their beautiful nest on the trunks of trees. They are their first home of joy and happiness. Just feel how important they are for them!
  • Importance of trees are also having the religious side too as many trees are traditionally worshipped, especially in Hindu culture. Hence, the spiritual value of some trees like peepal is very high.
  • Economically, trees are the wonderful asset for industries as they majorly contribute to the furniture, building, construction work, fuel, and tools manufacturing or making!

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What Trees Gives Us – Benefits of Trees

Once a wise men said “The best friend on earth of Man. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth.”

The saying above illustrates that trees can be our best friend and we can benefit a lot from them, but all we need is respect and ethical ways. It’s true that cutting trees and riding down forests for industrial set up will increase temperature but somewhere, you have to pledge for planting trees as well or everything will vanish one day! It could be with any NGOs or the profit making social enterprise like DealNo1. We have jotted down some key points to understand the mysterious benefits of trees in day to day life.

  • Trees act as the shield that protects us from direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays. This may lead to skin burns, skin cancer or other serious skin problems.
  • In this populated atmosphere, the climatic changes are very common. Hence, trees are helpful in reducing the air pollution by filtering odors, absorbing greenhouse gases & harmful pollutant gases.
  • Trees have an expertise in preventing the water pollution. It simply allows the water to flow down to earth, and this cause stops the rain water to take pollutants into the ocean.
  • As they provide shelter everywhere, so they have the healing power expertise. They are one of the best natural sources of medicines that heal illness of many patients having complicated health challenges too. For example – oils extracted or derived from trees like almond, camphor, etc are big asset for medical field.
  • One more important thing about our friend is that they are good enough in reducing noise pollution, soil, and air pollution altogether to form a healthy environment for better living.
  • Trees protect the biodiversity of the whole ecosystem.

An Approach to Plant Tree

Can you imagine, how can someone get inspired for planting trees??

“The parents of martyred army soldier planted a tree in remembrance of their only son. Taking idea from this, a group of young people contacted 100 such martyred families & encouraged them to do the same as a memory alongwith the noble cause. As a result, 100 more plants were planted, associated with emotions of their family“! Jus WoW..!!

It is just an idea or a simple approach that can raise your voice to reach people.

  • You can create an awareness program in your society, schools, or institutions, circulating pamphlets telling about the importance and benefits of trees. This might encourage at least one fourth of the youngsters
  • Many NGOs, social enterprises or other volunteering institutes organize the plantation of trees in form of camps or some mission. Sometimes, the government launch some schemes where they ask government departments to plant trees in their areas. They are some nature thinkers who take out time to plant trees and save environment. Not a big deal man! You can join such organizations or just connect with them once, & be the part of the mission. This will motivate others to participate add a plant for their nature.
  • Building a treehouse with kids is one of the most wonderful things you can do with environment.
  • You should try to focus on young generation for this noble cause by teaching them to respect trees and save environment by camping or practical views.
  • You can plan up an award giving concept to those who plant maximum number of trees in a particular area.
  • Encourage and motivate your friends, kids, family members, and neighbours to think for environment. Ask them to connect from social organizations that are working for nature.
  • You personally can approach colleges, schools, educational centres, societies, block offices, etc., and charge them up for the same. You will surely make a change by this approach.

Breatheback – The Unique Idea

Welcome to the hi-tech generation where, shortage of time & busy work schedule attracts us towards the world of online deals, doing shopping sitting on sofa at your home, and delivery of goods at the doorsteps. Yes! This is the reason we all love shopping from various online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Homeshop18, Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra, etc. So, DealNo1 provides us the platform with around 500 such online stores where we shop and get some attractive discounts through various coupons, deals, or bonus cashback.

Now, DealNo1 initiative to the noble cause gets paid in their own way as those online stores that has been advertising on DealNo1 or using this platform, delivers the thankful advertising commission to the company. Hence, DealNo1 benefits you with that addition*nal cashback that it has received from the stores.

This way, you can earn extra money for yourself by just using our platform for shopping. By doing this you will only shop and earn extra income, rather, you will indirectly contribute to the breatheback initiative of planting maximum trees without spending a penny from your pocket.

Yes! You heard it right! Isn’t it amazing that you don’t even need to leave your work and go out in the field with some NGO’s or social enterprises for plantation. All you need to do is shopping online through this marvellous channel DealNo1.

Breatheback Initiative by DealNo1

Breatheback initiative is a unique concept that has been mastered by DealNo1 team. (DealNo1 is India’s demanding online destination for deals and coupons.) This will indirectly make you grow more trees for fruitful environmental changes.

Let us guide you about how breatheback initiative works:

  • Start shopping here on DealNo1 by selecting your favourite online store.
  • Get the exciting offers, deals or discount coupons from the store and have a easy shopping!!
  • As you shop through DealNo1, we get reward back by the online stores that advertised their products on our platform.
  • We will get reward for our breatheback initiative and we will plant trees by that share.
  • Moreover, you can earn additional cashback by referring it to your friends for the noble cause. The more you connect, the bigger you earn.

We have always heard about importance & benefits of trees from our elders and the news about climate change due to deforestation and increasing global warming. Just imagine the pleasure that you will get when you unknowingly contributed in planting trees for your environment. Someone else is planting trees to save the world and you were one of those helping hands. So, we know the rule of social entrepreneurship, that impact should come first and profit is the second thing.

Come and connect with DealNo1 initiative of breatheback for a noble cause.



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